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Policies and Practices

Evaluated charity and accountability

The work we undertake is very much focused on achieving better out comes for children and families that have little or no opportunity to improve their own situation.

We consider our responsibilities carefully before undertaking any commitments and have a process to evaluate outcomes during the term of our commitment.

Raja,  our country director is a child welfare professional who has a proven record, spanning over 12 years, in achieving outcomes that have improved the lives of children, their families and also the wider communities that these families are a part of.

The standards and procedures that we have evolved are shown in the following documents as we also provide full transparency and accountability for that we undertake.

Standards manual
IGWR Policy
Counter Terrorism policy

Counter terrorism

IGWR Standards Manual

Standards Manual

IGWR Child protection manual

Child Protection manual

IGWR Counter terrorism

counter terrorism

IGWR Privacy Policy

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