Get Ready For Major Gift Fundraising This July

Donations from US$100 and up to US$1,000 will be matched while $250,000 in matching funds remain this July 15th.

The higher the donation, the higher the match! There will also be $30,000 in bonus prizes for most funds raised.


This year, more than ever, this is an important opportunity for IGWR-Nepal as we’ve had to cancel our local fundraising events due to the Covid pandemic.


If you are thinking of offering some additional support to help with meeting our commitments during the current difficulties, then please consider making your donation on JULY 15th.


          If you get some friends together who are all willing to donate a small amount,           then pool the funds and make one bigger donation to maximise the bonus.

Some important tips to make this day a success


1. We need to make our donations near the start of the Bonus Day Event as matching funds will run out during the day...


2. The Bonus Day Event is based on USA time, so it starts at different times around the world:

          Perth W.Australia            July 15th 9pm (21.00hrs)   till  July 16th 12pm (12.00hrs)

          Sydney Australia             July 15th 11pm (23.00hrs) till  July 16th 2pm (14.00hrs)

          London UK                      July 15th 2pm (14.00hrs)   till  July 16th 5am (05.00hrs)


3. The higher amount donated the bigger the bonus funds

          Donations of $100 - $499 USD will be matched at 15%

          Donations of $500 - $749 USD will be matched at 30%

          Donations of $750 - $1,000 USD will be matched at 50%

          And note these are amounts in $US so donations MUST be between

                                     AUD$145 and AUD$1400 to qualify

The JULY BONUS DAY is run by GLOBAL GIVING and all monies PLUS bonus contributions will go toward the IGWR School+Plus program, home schooling during the virus lockdown and food and essential supplies that we're delivering to families of the children we support and who no longer have an income due to the virus lockdown and associated crisis in Nepal.

We appreciate your support in sharing this important opportunity to help those in need, and please make your gift via our project page at Global Giving...............

In Giving We Receive

We invite you to share with us in this rewarding initiative; and together  make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children

Email: igwr.nepal@gmail.com

Phone: 977-9813 2266 94

Registered Charity: 31 156 195 461

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