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April 8th to April 13th


If you can donate US$50 (no more)

we will receive a 50% bonus donation.

Your US$50 becomes US$75...

The "Little X Little" campaign is a great opportunity to make a Big difference with a little gift.

And a great way to introduce your friends to the work of IGWR-Nepal that you support.

Please take this opportunity to share the story of your generosity and invite friends to make a small gift.

Every gift UNDER US$50 will have a 50% bonus added to it.

So, a $10 gift becomes $15 and a $50 gift becomes $75.

If we can find 100 people to donate $50, that's $5,000 and Global Giving would add $2,500, giving us 

               $7,500 to help supporting kids in Nepal.

Raindrops falling

A drop in the ocean

can create a wonderful

sea of joy

Each year this campaign creates an opportunity for us send another vulnerable child to school. Your gift, together with the other 'little by little' donations means such a lot.

Thank you


The Little by Little Matching Campaign runs from

April 8th at 00:00 am ET  (USA)

That’s  12noon on April 8th Perth time


April 12th at 11:59 pm ET   (USA)

That’s 11.59am on April 13th Perth time

A child filled with joy
Money like rain

Thanks for making a difference to the lives of kids in Nepal

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”  — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

GG Terms and conditions

During the Little by Little campaign, all eligible donations up to $50 USD per unique donor per organization will be matched at 50% for the duration of the campaign.


Donations above $50 USD will be matched on the first $50 USD. The match offer is restricted to donations made by unique donors per organization.


Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We are monitoring these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only distinct donors are counted.

For the purposes of calculating matching amounts, donations made in other currencies will be converted to USD. The exchange rate will be estimated at the time of the donation, but may be subject to change until the donation settles with the donor’s bank or credit card. Funds will be disbursed using the exchange rate based on the settlement value of each transaction.

Monthly Giving Match

GlobalGiving’s 100% Monthly Match is also available to the GlobalGiving nonprofit community for all of 2023. New monthly donations set up during the Little by Little campaign will be eligible for both the immediate match outlined by these terms, and the one-time 100% match (up to $200) to be received after four monthly payments!

Donation Methods & Eligibility

Please note that all donations are final. GlobalGiving cannot change the time, date, or status of a donation after it is processed for any reason.

Any activity not in the spirit of requesting separate individuals to support donations is being moderated by GlobalGiving and GlobalGiving reserves the right to permanently disqualify organizations for any attempts of misconduct.

Eligible Donations

Donations made to a project using any of the following methods will count towards your total raised during the Little by Little campaign:

Donations must be made by the account or credit card holder.

Ineligible Donations

Donations received via any other methods will not count towards your total raised during the Little by Little campaign. Ineligible donation methods include, but are not limited to: corporate gift cards, physical checks, cash donations, wire transfers, CAF checks and CAF Online, donations made on a GlobalGiving corporate or organizational giving site, and donations made directly to an organization rather than a project

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