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How does the July Bonus Day campaign work?

  • $400,000 available in Matching Funds!

  • 30% match on donations from US$100 - US$499 (while funds remain)

  • 40% match on donations from US$500 - US$749 (while funds remain)

  • 50% match on donations from US$750 - US$1,000 (while funds remain)

  • Donations up to US$1,000 per unique donor per organization will be matched (while funds remain)

  • Note: All values are shown in US dollars, be sure to convert to ensure your donation qualifies

                     Minimum donation is US$100 which is about AUD$154

The campaign starts at 21:00 (9.00pm Perth WA time) on July 12th.

It is important to donate as near to the start as possible as the funding will run out some time during the campaign.

We will use this years "Bonus Day" to support the children of Single mothers, and to support these amazing mothers.

It is a wonderful way to break the cycle of poverty, to give the kids a chance and to give mums the opportunity to be mothers, rather than their vulnerability being exploited.

And, your contributions enable this beautiful work to continue, so, Thank YOU.

IGWR House 1 Single mums Low res-63.jpg

Visit our GlobalGiving project page, so you are ready to share your gift on July 12th.

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