For one day only donations over US$100 will give us a bonus of up to 50%

Will you join us on July 14/15th

starting 9pm on the 14th

And help us to raise $13,588 so that we can give Diya a nursing training scholarship?

IGWR-Nepal has a wonderful track record in supporting students in medical studies.

We have already brought to life a doctor, two physiotherapists and three nurses....

And, all this has been achieved with the generous gifts of our supporters...

Help Diya realise her ambition to be a nurse

Diya is smart intelligent girl. She has been supported by IGWR-Nepal since 2018. Diya used to live with her aunty, but her aunty could no longer look after her and was going to send her back to her village to work in the fields with her mother (a sole parent).  IGWR, after discussions with muma dn aunty, took the responsibility of giving Diya a home in our IGWR family house and also looked after her schooling. Diya wants to become Nurse; she really thinks she can be one day and we all believe in her.

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We hope you'll share with us in making Diya's dream a reality, and you can make your donation via our GlobalGiving project page here......

All contributions to this years campaign will  go toward a scholaship for Diya

We will keep you informed of progress and  you can share with us as we follow Diya on her journey through training to becoming a nurse