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We can all make a real difference

three primary school girls

IGWR is an Australian charity that helps vulnerable families in Nepal. We have a special focus on supporting single mothers and children who need support to attend school or a safe home. For twelve years we’ve been making a real difference by giving opportunities that enable these women and children to blossom and find a sustainable future for the whole family.

"When we give a child an opportunity to go to school and then on to college, we create a future for the child and renew hope for the family and local community. It is more than charitable work, it is an investment in a better future for all."

Peter Humphris, Chairperson, IGWR Inc.


Single mums are amazing, they sacrifice a lot and work harder than most of us can imagine. However, with our support they can give their kids the opportunity they themselves never had.


Most of our students live at home with mum (usually a one room home), and we ensure the kids can go to school and that mum is supported.

We're currently supporting about fifty students in full time education, from primary school through to university.

And we make a real difference..

We have graduates that are now working in healthcare (including one doctor and three nurses), banking, hospitality and even running their own small business.

Some children do not have a safe home to live in.  We have three houses in Kathmandu that provide a family style hostel with resident house-mothers to look after these children during the school terms.


FUN FUNdraising

Saturday 13th July

A great evening has been organised to help us meet our commitments.

Come and join with others in some fun games and enjoy an entertaining evening.

your support makes a real difference, it gives kids an opportunity to enjoy the some of what we already take for granted.


Greetings all,

The latest addition to the IGWR newsletter is here.

The Vol. 7 of this newsletter describes all the good things that have happened in the last few months while also looking at what a new year brings....    Zoya

2324annual report.JPG

A summary of the year 

It is wonderful to see the news from Nepal and to see what a difference we are all making.

The report is produced on the ground in Nepal and that is also a great testament to the team over there and to the progress we are making as a family of families.


Stories that inspire...
Zoya prepared a number of stories that tell of lives changed by IGWR.

To see what an amazing difference your generosity makes, please check out some of Zoya's stories.

And we will also add some more details of our visit very soon.

2023Street Kid.JPG

We can all make a difference

During our visit to Nepal we can see everyday that our sponsors and donors are the generous supporters that enable us to make a difference to the lives of kids in Nepal.

Together we give life and opportunities to vulnerable families.

"I do not understand why there are kids in poverty when it only costs the price of a cup of coffee a day to give them life"

How you can help

Donations in Australia are


Holding hands with the vulnerable

1. Join with us and become a regular sponsor, you'll discover IGWR, you will make a real difference in the lives of the kids and you will discover that we receive something wonderful when we share with others.

2. Make a one off donation or run a fundraising activity to support our work. This again can be an inspiring experience as you join together with others to create a gift for the kids in Nepal.

3. Redirect your birthday and Christmas gift lists to the kids in Nepal. It's also a great way to share the whole idea that generosity creates a better tomorrow.

We have so much more to share about the work we do and how inspiring it is to make a difference and contribute toward a better tomorrow.
Thanks for taking time to be here, and follow the link for our newsletter and project updates....

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